​    Below you will find Questions and Answers which will answer many

   questions you may have regarding Custom Fitting and Custom Built

   Golf Clubs.  If your question has not been answered feel free to

   contact us with your question and we will be happy to

   reply to your concerns.   

   Q.  Who should be Custom Fit for clubs?

   A.  All golfers should be Custom Fit for their clubs from               

   the professional, Low, Mid, High Handicap to

   the beginner who is just taking up this wonderful  game.

   Q.  Why should I get Custom Fit?

   A.  You are unique, your height, weight, age, sex,  arm

   length, hand size, swing characteristics,

   transition from back swing to down swing, where

   you release your wrist cock, are you casting, your

   posture, your tempo, swing path and athletic

   ability all play an  important part in what make up of

   clubs   are best for  you.   The big companies build

   their off the rack clubs to one size fits all and

   advertise they will custom build clubs so they

   have a sales person in the store tell you what you

   need without a complete fitting by a Professional

   who has been trained and Certified to fit you.

   What happens is you end up with clubs you 

   can't hit so you blame it on your swing and ability

   which causes many golfers to play golf for years

   and never improve NO matter how hard they try.

   If Custom Fit Custom Built clubs are good enough

  for the Pros, why shouldn't they be good enough

  for you along with all the benefits they offer?

  Q.  What benefit is there in using a video of my swing?

   A.   Videoing your swing will tell us a lot about you.

   We can show you exactly what you are doing during

   your swing, starting with how you address the ball,

   posture, hand position, head position at address and

   during your   swing, how you start your back swing, how    much you turn   and the position of the club at the top of

   your swing.  From   the top we can see exactly where

  you start to load the shaft, how aggressive your transition    is from the top of your back swing into your down swing.    When you release your wrists, 10, 9, 8, 7 o'clock, as the

   club head descends to the ball.  Your position at impact,

   is your weight on your left foot, what is the position

   of your leading hand, your hips, your head and your

   follow   through.

  This will help in the selection of  the proper torque in the

  shaft needed, and any and all swing faults you may

  have so we put you into the right equipment to improve

  your game.                                                    

  Q.  Are Custom Club heads as good as Name      Brand?

  A.  Quality Proprietary club heads as we use are

  as good, if not better than, Name Brand.  Do not

  confuse our heads with Knock Off or Look Alike

  heads you see advertised. Large golf companies

  (OEMs) spend hundreds of thousands of dollars

  to promote their clubs, including paying Touring

  Professionals to use their clubs which they have

  Custom Built for each Pro playing them.  

   We Custom Clubfitter/Clubmakers do not have

   the resources to advertise this way so our best

  advertisement is the Quality of our products and

  satisfied customers who tell their friends.  

  Q.  Are the shafts you use the same as Name Brand

  clubs use?

  A.  NO they are not, shafts used in Name Brand  clubs

       are made to the club company specifications.  We have

       a choice to pick the exact shaft you need and of the

       highest quality.

  Q.  What can I expect when I get Custom Fit?

  A.  At our shop you will sit down with a Custom

  Fitter who will ask you about your game, your goals

  and problems you are having.  You will fill out a

  Fitting Form, a measurement from wrist to floor

  is done, assessment of grip size you will need,

  your present clubs will be inspected and tested

  for Swingweight, Frequency (flex), Length, Grip

  Size, Grip Type & Weight, Over all Weight.

  Upon completion you will go out to our private  driving

  range where you will be asked to hit balls  with your

   present equipment while your posture,  swing

   characteristics, and ball flight are analysed 

   with the aid of a Launch Monitor.  The data will be

   analysed in our computer Fitting System.  You will  be

   asked to hit several demo clubs to  determine  what

   combination is best for you.  The questions

  answered are: your present clubs too long or too

  short, too light or too heavy, sole of club head have

  too much bounce or not enough, too stiff or too 

  flexible, lie angle too upright or too flat or just right,

  swingweight (MOI) too heavy causing you to hit

  the ball near the heal causing the dreaded "shank" 

  or near the toe costing you distance and control?

  With a driver we add face angle, loft and face offset. 

  Club  type over all  weight, length, type of shaft and

  length, the right loft, lie, torque, frequency (flex) and MOI.

   Q. When I have completed a fitting how will I know

   the clubs will work for me?

   A.  Once we have found a club head and shaft

   combination, we build you a prototype of the

   club you will be getting which we have you hit.

   Weight is added to the head until you are hitting the

     ball   flush in the center of the club face, now we  know

    what MOI to make your clubs.

   Now the club will feel good to you and you know

   it is a perfect fit. 

   Q.  What if I have a Physical Disability?

​   A.  We work with many golfers with many different

   Physical Challenges and have found many ways

   to help them back to the golf course.  It is so

​   gratifying  to help golfers over come physical

   problems and play golf again.

   Q. Can you help my slice with my driver?

   A.  Yes we can.  The data gathered from the launch

   monitor will indicate the club face angle at impact,

   which may be caused by your swing, the shaft and

   the club head.  We have the ability to put you into

  the right shaft, increase lie angle, close the club  face

  and adjust the MOI.  Depending on your  present driver,

   one or all may be required to help

   you hit the ball straight.  

   Q.  Are your clubs guaranteed?

   A. Yes Our clubs are guaranteed under normal

  playing  for as long as you own them, does

  not cover  damage due to an accident or willful  

  or willful damage.F



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About Certified Custom Clubfitter / Clubmaker Dick Cicero

    Dick started Custom Fitting and Custom Club Building Golf

   Clubs in 1996 when he went to Golfsmith in Austin, Texas and

   had the privilege  to have the tutelage oTom Wishon of Tom

​   Wishon Golf Technologies who, at that time was head of

   research and development at Golfsmith, the expert tutelage

   of Bret Lindsey  and Bill Totten.

        Over the years Dick has attended custom golf club fitting

   and custom golf club building seminars to keep up the

   advancements in the industry.  The most resent custom club

   fitting and custom club fitting seminar he attended was a week

  long seminar in November 2015 in Columbus, Georgia sponsored

  by  the Association of Golf Club Fitting Professionals which

  was attended by Clubmaker / Fitters from the USA and

  Canada, the guest speaker was Tom Wishon. 

Dick's motto is:

" Quality Exceeds Purpose and Provides Lasting Value "


Certified PCS Class "A" Professional Clubmaker / Fitter

GCA Advanced Accredited Professional Clubmaker / Fitter

Certified True Temper Performance Fitting Center

Certified True Temper Re-seller

Wishon Golf Technologies Fitting Center

​Swing Science Fitting Center

Fujikura Charter Dealer and Custom Fitting Center 

ACCRA Golf Shaft Fitting Center

​ACCRA Academy Graduate

International Clubmakers Guild Certified Professional Clubmaker

Recipient  of the Golfsmith Distinguished Clubmaker Award

Association of Golf Clubfitting Professionals

United States Golf Teachers Federation

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