​​​​​​​Custom Built Golf Clubsby Pin High Enterprises

                                   Zelocity Pure Launch Pro Launch Monitor

  Monitors, Launch Angle, Ball Speed in Miles Per Hour, Ball Spin Rate, Distance,

  Smash Factor, Ball Direction, Swing Path, Trajectory, Attack Angle, Face Angle  

  Tempo, Dynamic Loft, Total Distance, Azmerith (direction of the ball when it        leaves the club face.) Club head speed and more.

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​2017  WORLD'S   TOP 100  Clubfitters

T                       i        ​     Optimal Flight

  Gives us the ability to compare launch monitor data to ball flight

   for that perfect ball flight needed for maximum distance.  Also it    

​   allows us to determine what golf ball fits the individual golfer.

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​C Swing

Video Swing Analysis Software allows the golfer to see his or her swing in real time.  During the swing shaft load is visualized, wrist cock release

is visualized, impact is visualized giving both the golfer and fitter instant

feedback on swing faults, and valuable data to determine tempo shaft torque, posture, all important lead arm position at impact.  A bent lead

arm at impact will surely deliver an open club face to the ball and give

that dreaded slice!   

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Custom Fitting

        All of our fittings are conducted out doors on our private driving range.

        We use a fitting form developed by the International Clubmakers Guild, to gather data about you, the golfer, to

        better understand your goals.  

        Analyze your present equipment for, length, swingweight, shaft type and flex, grip size and type, shot pattern on the face

        of your club heads, overall weight of your clubs, and what is your favorite club.

        Conduct a range session using a Zelocity launch monitor, FIT CHIP, visual of your shots and a video of your swing.

        Evaluate the data, the use of demo clubs and shafts to put you into the right club length, shaft flex, shaft weight,

        shaft torque, type of head, right swingweight, lie angle, face angle, on woods and hybrids, ball flight and grip size.

        Build a prototype club with recommended specifications gathered and dial in the MOI to insure crisp clean ball 

contact with the center of the club face.      


.Fit Chip

Fit Chip   Fitting Technology​  

  Matches the exact "CPM" cycles per  minute frequency ​of the shaft to each

 golfer's  individual and unique timing

​ parameters to produce a custom fit

​ that cannot be matched  by any OEM

​ club company or shaft company still

 using ​the traditional, but out dated,

 fitting methods of age, gender and  swing speed.