Custom Built Golf Clubsby

​                       Pin High Enterprises

2017 & 2018   ​WORLD'S  TOP 100  Clubfitters 


All Fitings are conducted by a Certified Club Fitter

Custom Fitting on our private driving range using a Zelocity Launch Monitor

Compare Launch Monitor Data to Actual Ball Flight under playing conditions 

 Computer Fitting System with Video Swing Analysis using C Swing Technology

​Shaft Frequency (flex) with FIT CHIP Computer Technology

Optimal Flight Computer Analysis 

Custom Club Building and Re-shafting OEM Clubs to Tour Specifications

​We use only the Best Club Heads, Shafts and Grips!

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Shaft Spine Alignment          Shaft Profiling         Frequency Matching         MOI Matching

Swing Weighting       Weight Sorting Heads & Shafts        Sand Blasting          Re-Grooving Wedges 

Custom Putter Fitting            Putter Loft & Lie Adjustment         Custom Putter Shaft Bending 

Loft and Lie Adjustments off  Grass by Ball Flight  on Woods, Hybrids & Irons

Custom Wedge Grinding                    Re-gripping          Repairs

Re-finishing Modern and Antique Clubs & Putters

Re-shafting Hickory Shafted Clubs                           Replica Antique Long Nose Clubs