​​​​​​​Custom Built Golf Clubsby Pin High Enterprises

Private driving range allows us to conduct uninterrupted Custom Fittings

Launch Monitor data incorporated with actual ball flight analysis

Video swing analysis                            Computer Shaft Fitting System

Pin High Enterprises

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Dunnellon, Florida 34433

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2017   ​WORLD'S  TOP 100  Clubfitters 


All Fitings are conducted by a Certified Club Fitter

Custom Fitting on our private driving range using a Zelocity Launch Monitor

Compare Launch Monitor Data to Actual Ball Flight under playing conditions 

 Computer Fitting System with Video Swing Analysis using C Swing Technology

​Shaft Frequency (flex) with FIT CHIP Computer Technology

Optimal Flight Computer Analysis 

Custom Club Building and Re-shafting OEM Clubs to Tour Specifications

​We use only the Best Club Heads, Shafts and Grips!

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​352 - 422 - 6914

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Shaft Spine Alignment          Shaft Profiling         Frequency Matching         MOI Matching

Swing Weighting       Weight Sorting Heads & Shafts        Sand Blasting          Re-Grooving Wedges 

Custom Putter Fitting            Putter Loft & Lie Adjustment         Custom Putter Shaft Bending 

Loft and Lie Adjustments off  Grass by Ball Flight  on Woods, Hybrids & Irons

Custom Wedge Grinding                    Re-gripping          Repairs

Re-finishing Modern and Antique Clubs & Putters

Re-shafting Hickory Shafted Clubs                           Replica Antique Long Nose Clubs